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Experienced Communication Specialist in Brand Development, Business Development, and Effective Marketing Strategies.

With ten years in the industry, I have refined my expertise in crafting impactful messaging for business and government communications. With a proven track record securing contracts worth over $6.5M, my main focus is creating engaging work that fosters customer trust and loyalty. I am an adept proposal and communications manager for private businesses, federal agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Communication is key


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business communications

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In first grade, I won a prize for my Thanksgiving report. I hand-wrote three pages from the perspective of a turkey. Later in life, I became the editor of my yearbook and school newspaper. I learned early that conveying ideas and effectively communicating intentions was a powerful gift. It shapes society, impacts history, and builds business empires. At its root, writing is technical, but when you are effective, messages can inspire people to change how they do things, how they feel, and where they go next.


I produce well-researched keyword-rich material that answers the questions target audiences are searching for.

  • Maintain brand consistency
  • Establish backlinks to website & products
  • Build domain authority
  • Increase web search and new customers
  • Build a community around your brand

75% of users judge a business's credibility based on its website's design.




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Commercial Real Estate

Business Blogs

I have written 100s of blogs during my career, and with today's AI technology, it is faster and easier than ever.

Blogs give in-depth answers to frequently asked questions, expand on the value of your products or services, and you can reuse blogs on social media or newsletters.

Commercial Real Estate

Editorial Content

A few examples of my guest appearances, subject matter expert quotes, and visual credits for the published titles of others. I support other writers and content producers.

business newsletter, email marketing


I have used several platforms for email automation, contact segregation, and scheduling. Salesforce, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, FloDesk.

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Where art meets Tech

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Clickable subject lines, strategic messaging placement, compelling visuals. Every brand can use its emails to let its personality shine while staying top of mind with its prospects, stakeholders, and customers.

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Technical Writing

Complex and high-value writing projects

  • Corporate responsibility and ethics statements
  • Pitches and speeches
  • Employee and Client Training Programs
  • Letters from the CEO and executive messaging
  • Stakeholder facing communications
  • Case studies and white pages
  • Communications for Crisis Management
Business presenter


I have several years of experience drafting and perfecting technical writing projects and external communications for clients and stakeholders. When risk and reward are high, I agree there is no margin for error.

Most technical writing requires studying the political environment, brand voice and tone, social setting, and a deep understanding of a company, its people, and its offerings.

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When approaching internal communications, I lean on my experience leading teams and the 100+ hours of leadership and resilience training I received through the US Airforce. Maintaining team integrity and keeping morale high are paramount in internal communications.

  • Employee Training & Operation Handbooks
  • Internal facing newsletters and memos
  • Team meeting agendas and scripts

recent data shows that CEO reputation accounts for nearly half of your brand's total reputational worth

Ghost Writing

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In holding CMO positions, my experiences took me into the world of executive branding and presenting companies through the image of their leaders.

In an environment where people aligning their dollars with their values increases yearly, businesses are held publicly accountable for their social and ethical responsibilities, saying nothing is no longer an option. How executives present themselves matters more than ever.

  • Social Media, including LinkedIn Articles
  • Award nomination packages
  • Board member reports
  • Email drafting

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Goverment communications

Expertise 02

Communications for Government Contractors

My extensive work with government agencies and 15 years as a military spouse has given me a unique understanding of federal operations, structure, and language. I am not a visitor of this landscape; I am a native.

I have managed more than 20+ complex RFPs & contract awards valued at more than $6.5M (national, state, county, city) through pre-solicitation, solicitation, post-award, and closeout.

I am adept in compliance and the CFR, with expertise in Title 2, 48 & 10, grants & agreements, contracts, and energy.

When introducing a business to government agencies, I leave a lasting impression and the information to understand how services fit into their procurement plans.

  • RFP Packages
  • Capabilities Statements
  • After Action Reports
  • Contract Negotiation


Government Projects


Contract Proposals




On Site Events Attendees

Capabilities Statement

Legislation Fact Sheet

State Program Event

A government project I found personally rewarding was the Atrisco Heritage Highschool clean energy project, where the most extensive solar and energy storage system was installed at a US public school. This Department of Energy funded project is now a blueprint for national energy resilience.

I was present for contact negotiations, participated in stakeholder discussions, and worked with several agencies to manage the press, communications, and groundbreaking events.

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expertise 03

I am a longtime CanvaPro user, which is rapidly becoming the new industry standard in graphic design. I use self-made Photoshop and AI-created assets to draft visually engaging design work.

  • Templates for Proposals and Reports
  • Slide deck presentations
  • Templates for social media
  • Branding Guides
  • Design assets for digital and print

Compelling visuals are no longer optional.

Informational Trifold for Convention Goers

New Service Trifold

Mobile First Designs

Commercial Real Estate Designs

Instagram Posts

Hobbies & Interests


I have a passion for mid-century modern & brutalist architecture. I write articles, host events, and work to get recognition for buildings worth preserving.

urban gardening


I advocate eco-conscious living and share my lifestyle on social, from buying and wearing second-hand to minimizing waste and backyard farming.


Truly my creative expression. Currently, I'm working on a study of brutalist architecture in San Francisco through the lens of a 1964 Pentax.

Product Photography & Lifestyle Curation

Personal Branding Photography

Product Photography for Artenom Tequila

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